Assist One Technologies, Inc.

Our Core Values

At Assist One, we believe in personal responsibility from the top down in our organization. Because we have had extensive and successful experience leading and operating companies in a variety of industries, we know that the final responsibility lies with us. We believe in bringing only the best and most appropriate team together to create and deliver business and technology solutions and our leadership participates on every project that comes through the doors of Assist One.

We are driven by curiosity and embrace the challenge of finding a solution that is just the right size for our clients. We approach each project and client with an openness to hear how the client understands a specific business problem and we are forthcoming in our thoughts about how to solve it.

We believe in partnership and bring honesty and integrity to the table when we engage with a client. Our clients can count on us to look out for their budgets and their future. We want to help our clients grow their businesses through innovation, good sense and expert solutions.

We value diversity because it encourages deeper thinking and we like to look at a problem from as many angles as we can. We are committed to the environment and seek to do good while doing our best.

We're serious about technology serving the needs of the business. Our solutions reflect that philosophy.