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Healthcare & Life Sciences

The goal of the Healthcare industry is to improve the quality of patient care while containing costs, improving operational efficiency and complying with state and federal mandates. To reach these goals, Healthcare companies have to understand and be able to manage their ever-increasing amounts of patient and diagnostic data.

Massive amounts of Healthcare data are being generated through a combination of aging baby boomers entering the Healthcare system coupled with recent scientific advancements by Life Sciences and Medical Device companies offering rapid evolution of patient diagnostic and treatment technologies. Building systems to support and manage all of this data and analysis is not for the faint hearted. It takes a team with a deep understanding of Big Data, with the right tools and processes to build systems that integrate and manage data while providing meaningful analytics.

At Assist One we have worked with some of the nation's premier healthcare organizations and have provided a wide array of healthcare business and IT consulting, technology management, customized software and hardware integration and support services. We understand that to keep Healthcare and Health Plan costs down, our clients need access to actionable data to ensure that patient management means offering the best treatment at the lowest cost.

Our experience includes helping clients ranging from physician group organizations to enterprise level healthcare corporations comprising multiple hospitals, clinical, and physician group offices across multiple campus and geographic locations. We have also worked with benefits management companies, healthcare insurers, health plans, healthcare software and medical device companies, as well as radiology management and imaging companies providing services throughout North America.

In addition, Assist One has deep relationships and works with other healthcare OEMs, service providers, and vendors, as well as medical device technology transfer organizations and companies, to help implement and ensure high quality end products and services for healthcare entities and their patients.

A snapshot of the projects Assist One has delivered for its healthcare sector clients includes:

  • Clinical and insurer custom payment, billing, analysis and reporting systems
  • Custom electronic patient record systems
  • Health data interchange systems
  • Health data interfaces across multiple disparate systems following government guidelines, including HL7 and HIPAA guidelines
  • FDA compliant imaging software and systems
  • Radiology management systems
  • Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) Healthcare data capture and management systems

Success Stories

Systems Integration and Compliance Interchange

Efficient and Accurate Electronic Patient Records

A large, regional clinical organization wanted to improve the efficiency and accuracy of its data entry, storage and retrieval of electronic patient records

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IT Infrastructure Assessment and Database Migration

Continuous Software Release and Update Strategy

A Radiology Imaging Management company engaged Assist One to evaluate their IT infrastructure and design an update software release strategy for end users in 47 states.

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IT Consulting and Roadmap

M2M Mobile Health Plan

A healthcare provider needed a roadmap for machine to machine (M2M) mobile health planning and budgeting

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Data Mining

Forensic Accounting

A large East Coast legal firm engaged Assist One to provide advanced data mining services to identify and resolve litigation issues

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